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foto-blog3.jpgThe research group Education and International Development is an interdisciplinary team of researchers focusing on issues related to global and local (glocal) governance and multilevel politics of education and development, with a specific focus on processes of socio-economic, political and cultural (in)justices. The research undertaken is this group is connected to the IS Academie Education and International Development, since 2005 funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), developed in the context of the Governance and Inclusive Development research program at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the UvA.

The research group works on the relationship between education and international development. Since 2012, the two main focus areas of the Education and International Development research group are the role of education in (post-conflict) states reconstruction, peace-building and reform, and secondly education in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Our ‘research projects’ pages describe the ongoing activities of the Education and International Development research group in the field of Education and Peacebuilding and Education and SRHR:

Other fields of research interest include privatization and decentralization of education, the architecture and delivery of development aid to education, teaching and learning processes, educational reform, multicultural and bilingual education, education and citizenship regimes, teacher training and the relationship between the state and teachers, the global governance of education systems in low-income countries, the role of advocacy coalitions and social movements in promoting quality education, rights-based education and youth issues, education and religion, and non-formal education.

These topics are analyzed from multiple disciplines within the framework of the international development studies field (political geography, sociology, education sciences, anthropology, history and political sciences among others) and applying a broad range of methods (cross-national comparison, case study research, discourse analysis, survey analysis, etc.). Group members have expertise in a range of countries and regions including Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia); Africa (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda); and Asia (Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka). Formerly, group members have also worked in Argentina,  Guatemala, Ivory Coast, India, and Nepal.

We welcome you to this blog of the Education and International Development research group, and invite you to explore this website. For further inquiries on the ongoing research and educational activities of the Education and International Development research group, please contact Mieke Lopes Cardozo: mlopescardozo@fmg.uva.nl.

This website has been created in order for the public to have access to the work that we are developing in the framework of the Education and Development Program.

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