Education and Youth Peacebuilding

Mieke Lopes Cardozo is a member of the Education and Policy Working Group of the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and member of the Advisory Group for Experts for the Progress Study on Youth Peace and Security (YPS), which has been formed in 2016 following the United Nations Security Council’s resolution 2250 to carry out a progress study on young people’s contributions to peace building processes and conflict resolution. In these joint functions and together with Prof. Giovanni Scotto, University of Florence and also a INEE Working Group member, she has developed a thematic paper on “Youth, Peacebuilding and the Role of Education” which is a collaborative INEE study to inform the Youth, Peace and Security Progress Study. In this paper, key debates and insights on the role of education for youth peace building agency are outlined with the objective to provide stimuli for the YPS Progress Study and, at the same time, to serve as a discussion piece for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars interested in the role of education in relation to YPS. The paper is available here and further dissemination will follow on and

Download the paper here