Blog: Podcast teaching history

In this podcast, four students from the GLOBED Erasmus Mundus Masters programme (Education Policy for International Development) discuss the complexities surrounding how history is taught in conflict affected areas.Whether pre, during or post conflict, the way that history is taught is affected by power and politics.


Students from Nigeria, China, the UK and the US are invited to reflect back on their own school history education, and in each case, suggest that the history that they were taught was a construction, influenced by teachers, curriculum and government. They realise now that their history education had omissions and reflect on what was on excluded and why.

The presenters discuss the challenge of teaching history in a way that recognises multiple viewpoints and equips young people with the skills necessary to evaluate sources, think critically and discover historical truths for themselves. This is not an easy task, but certainly one worth striving for if history education is going to play a positive role in promoting peace.


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