Past Events


Public Lecture: ‘Leaving no one behind: reflecting on Dutch development aid policy in the fields of education and gender’’ – [ 18 November 2019]


Virtual Seminar: Johan Galtung speaks about Sustainable Peacebuilding and Education, Amsterdam [17 May 2017]

Public lecture: Female Teachers in Low-Fee Private Schools in Punjab (Pakistan), Amsterdam [13 February 2017]


Public event: IS Academy closure event, Amsterdam [9 December 2016]

Public lecture: Quality of life and self-management of HIV, Amsterdam [8 November 2016]

Documentary & Discussion evening: Elephant’s Dream, Amsterdam [11 October 2016]

Symposium: Achieving meaningful youth participation, at Oxfam Novib, The Hague [21 June 2016]

Public lecture: Is there a future for education in peacebuilding?, Amsterdam [20 April 2016]

Research Dissemination Event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague [17 March 2016]


Lunch lecture : Smelling the blood on the floor: Critical reflections on what it means to be ‘ethical’ in sensitive research” at the University of Amsterdam [20 November 2015]

Lunch lecture (co-organised by ARC-GS): Women’s agency in Contemporary Aceh: Islam, Gender Issues and Beyond at the University of Amsterdam [27 October 2015]

Public lecture: HIV treatment among female commercial sex workers in Uganda: the paradox of secrecy at the University of Amsterdam [7 October 2015]

Public lecture: Education under fire in Palistine: is restoring the status quo sufficient or desirable? at the Doelenzaal, University Library, Amsterdam [25 June 2015]

Public lecture: Language policy, language rights, and language restorative justice. South East Asian experiences of peacebuilding and social cohesion in multi-ethnic settings at De Balie, Amsterdam [8 May 2015]

Research Dissemination Event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague [18 March 2015]


Public Lecture: Empowerment and health? Exploring the complexities and contractions for health and education at De Balie, Amsterdam [4 November 2014]

Lunch Lecture: The Space of Love in Urban Middle Class in Mozambique at the University of Amsterdam [26 September 2014]

Documentary & Discussion evening: Manning up Women or Resisting Pornification? Interrogating Daily Sexism and Misogyny at the University of Amsterdam [16 September 2014]

Public Lecture: Education and Conflict: Dimension of Fragility and Dutch Policy Perspectives on Peacebuilding at the University of Amsterdam [22 May 2014]

INEE Global Consultation Benelux Consultative Event at the University of Amsterdam [14 May 2014]

Public Lecture: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Through Education – What Have Men Got To Do With It? at De Balie, Amsterdam [15 April 2014]

Research Dissemination Event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague [18 March 2014]

Critical Studies in Education, Conflict and Peacebuilding: Building a Network of Activists/Scholars at The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference, Toronto, Canada [10 March 2014]


Publice Lecture: The Practice of Peacebuilding and Education: UNICEFs experiences from the ground at CREA, Amsterdam [23 October 2013]

Summer School: GLOBED Summer School, University of Amsterdam [6 and 7 June 2013]

Public Lecture: Does Liberal Peacebuilding Work and is it Sustainable?: The Role of Education in Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland by Prof. Alan Smith (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) at De Balie, Amsterdam [15 May 2013]

Film and Discussion: director’s cut of The Act of Killing,directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, at the University of Amsterdam [8 May 2013]

Research Dissemination Event at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague [21 March 2013]


Public lecture: Between Austerity and Security: Development Co-operation and Education Systems in Low Income Countries by Dr. Mario Novelli (Centre for International Education, University of Sussex) at De Balie, Amsterdam [29 November 2012]


International Seminar IS Academie Education and Development
Education and International Development: Why research matters
[29 and 30 September 2011]

Public Lecture: Preparing Teachers as Citizen Educators in Diverse Societies by Dr. Christine Sleeter and discussion by Dr. Lodewijk Asscher  [28 September 2011] Click here for video

Cinema forum: Should Children Wait for Superman? Cinema forum on the effects of education privatization in the North and South. [Amsterdam, 17 January 2011]


Public Lecture organised by Noticias: Education in Bolivia under Evo Morales
* Mieke Lopes Cardozo presented on the potentials and challenges in the education sector in Bolivia under the present government of Evo Morales. The lecture was organised by La Ruta, an initiative of the Dutch non-profit organisation [Amsterdam, 25 November 2010]

Public Lecture Series: Achieving the Education For All Goals
* Public Lecture 1 Achieving the EFA goals by 2015: too many broken promises, missed opportunities and blind allies? [Amsterdam, 16 March 2010]
* Public Lecture 2 After 2015: time for more ambitious education goals? [Amsterdam, 27 May 2010]

International Seminar: Civil Society Advocacy and Education for All: Strategies, Outcomes and Future Challenges [Amsterdam, 4 February 2010]


Public Lectures Civil Society, Education and Global Development [Amsterdam, 29 January 2009]




Public Lectures:

The New Global Governance Paradigm in Education: Public-private partnerships and social justice.Susan Robertson & Olga Nieuwenhuys [Amsterdam, 27 May 2008]

Is education the solution for poverty?Xavier Bonal [Amsterdam, 12 June 2008]