Master Theses


Daniela Lamaison Sepúlveda  (2020) The challenges of teaching Media Literacy: Navigating teacher agency in Bolivia’s Educational, Social and Political Context [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Anouk L. Strandstra (2019) History Education and Peace Promotion in Sri Lanka: The Interplay between Teacher Agency and the Formal Curriculum [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Melina Merdanović (2018) Monastic Teachers as Potential Agents of Change? Exploring the Roles and Agency of Monastic Teachers in Myanmar’s Processes of Social Cohesion [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber and Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Rick Schoenmaeckers (2018) Living Rights to Education in Emergencies: A Case Study to the Perceptions of Educational Rights of Unaccompanied Eritrean Refugee Children and Youth [Supervised by Olga Nieuwenhuys]

Vittoria Arico (2018). “We are not the fifth wheel, we are the cart”: Teachers’ space of manoeuvre in relation to recruitment, deployment and retention in Cali, Colombia [Supervised by Cyril Brandt]

Jana de Poorter (2018). Social transformation or neoliberal globalization? The policy and practice of global citizenship education in Bogotá’s secondary schools [Supervised by Graciela Paillet]

Kafui Adjogatse (2018). “Por el Color”: Primary School Teaching and the (Re)production of Anti-Black Imaginaries of Mexican National Identity [Supervised by Rosanne Tromp and Enrique Gomez Llata]

Melina Merdanovic (2018). Monastic teachers as potential agents of change? Exploring the roles and agency of monastic teachers in Myanmar’s processes of social cohesion [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber and Mieke Lopes Cardozo] In order to obtain this thesis, please contact the author.

Yasmin Zanini (2017). Gendered Perspective: Young Female University Students’ Agency between Traditional and Transitional Myanmar [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber]

Anna-Lena Gleich (2017). Recognizing Young Refugees’ Rights A Living Rights Approach to the European Refugee Crisis – A Case Study in Greece [Supervised by Olga Nieuwenhuys].

Pindi Graham De Silva (2016). Social Cohesion, Teacher Training and Ethnic Relations in Post-War Jaffna, Sri Lanka [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Johannes Chinchilla (2016). Growing Sustainable Peace: Starting at the Roots? A case study on the influence of grassroots leadership and top-down infrastructure interventions on local peacebuilding processes in Medellín [Supervised by Courtney Vegelin]

Liz Jacobs (2016). Myanmar’s Coming Out: how SOGIE minorities navigate identities and space in a globalised world [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber]

Faryaal Zaman (2016). Future teachers as peace builders in Banda Aceh, Indonesia  [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo].

Anna Page (2016). Navigating Liminal Spaces: An examination of the impacts of the youth group participation on young people’s social exclusion in rural Western Kenya. [Supervisor: Esther Miedema]

Katharina Buske (2016). History Teachers in Post-Conflict Contexts and their Role in the Peace Process A case study of Mon Schools in Myanmar [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber]

Tabea Campbell Pauli (2016). Ethnically-Inclusive Education for Peacebuilding in Myanmar [Supervised by Elizabeth Maber]

Jacob Hansen-Shearer (2016). Perpetuating the divide: History Teaching and Reconciliation in Post-War Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Yvonne van der Kooij (2016). Early Marriage in West Java: Understanding girls’ agency in the context of ‘traditional’ and changing norms regarding gender and sexuality. [Supervisor: Esther Miedema]

Marco Gallo Peralta (2016). Positive vs Negative Reintegration: A Case Study of the Educational Program for Ex-combatants in Bogota, Colombia. [Supervisor: Graciela Paillet]

Alejandra Portillo (2016). Teachers as Technicians or Intellectuals?: Unpacking Concepts of the Quality Teacher in Kenya [Supervisor: Rosanne Tromp]

Kate Manners (2015). How does being a female religious teacher transform agency and facilitate empowerment? A case study from Aceh, Indonesia. [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Katie Hodgkinson (2015). “The government cannot break us anymore because we are bound together in education”: The needs and challenges of young displaced people in contributing to positive change in Burma and the role of educational initiatives on the Thai-Burmese border in meeting these needs. [Supervisor: Sean Higgins]

Merel Berkelmans (2015). ‘Agents of Change: Exploring the impact of educational initiatives on youth agency and intergenerational norms in the Burmese refugee and migrant environment in Mae Sot, Thailand’ [Supervisor: Sean Higgins]

Yury Esperanza Farieta (2015). Are we ready to talk about sex to youth? A qualitative case study in Colombia. [Supervisor: Hülya Kosar Altinyelken]

Nathalie Metheuver (2015) Young people as actors towards change? The state of education for social cohesion and peace in Sri Lanka, and it’s effects on secondary school students’ strategies to promote social cohesion in their country [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

John Mackisack (2015) The developmental role of scholarships in post-conflict Aceh: Challenges to creating a lasting peace [Supervised by Ritesh Shah]

Kiymet Schipper (2015) Youth as agents for political transition: To change, or to be changed? [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Clayton Naylor (2014) Participation and its Discontents: Participatory Education Reforms in an Age of Globalization – A Case Study of Aceh, Indonesia. [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo].

Lisa Stumpel (2014) Rasulullah and Responsibilities: Gender justice perceptions in and through education in Banda Aceh. [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Genevieve Wenger (2014) Policies, Perceptions and Practices: Teaching the recent conflict in secondary school history classes in post-conflict Banda Aceh, Indonesia. [Supervised by Mieke Lopes Cardozo].

Jack Van Cooten (2014). ‘Music to the Rescue’: Using Brass Band Music to Stimulate Youth Agency for Street Children and Incarcerated Children in Kampala, Uganda. [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

R.J. Duncan (2014) Ethno-religious reconciliation through secondary school education: between Muslim and Tamil communities in post-war Jaffna, Sri Lanka. [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Nebil Ahmed Kusmallah (2014). Education and narrative: parental strategies of protecting children. The case of Eritrean refugees in Khartoum. [Supervisor: Olga Nieuwenhuys]. In order to obtain this thesis, please contact the author.

Tabitha Maat (2014). The Host Community’s Perspective on International Volunteers in the Ghanaian Education System. [Supervisor: Margriet Poppema]

Natalie Browes (2014). The Strategies of Teachers and Students in Sexuality Education: The Case of One School-Based Programme in Ethiopia. [Supervisor: Hülya Kosar Altinyelken]

Cyril Brandt (2014). Teachers’ Struggle for Income in The Congo (DRC): Between Education and Remuneration. [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo & Sean Higgins]

Catrijn Schipper (2014). Teacher Training in Bolivia and the Implementation of the 2010 Education Reform. [Supervisor: Margriet Poppema]

Marielle Le Mat (2013). Addressing Sexual Violence in Schools: Perspectives from Teachers and Students in a Secondary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [Supervisor: Hülya Kosar Altinyelken]

René Vermeulen (2013). Capability Approach to quality of education in Uganda [Supervisor: Dr. W. H. M. Leung, Utrecht University. René Vermeulen was involved as an external student with IS Academie education]

Maud Bakirdjian (2012) Teaching social sciences in English: the implementation of the new language policy in Rwanda [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]. In order to obtain this thesis, please click here to contact the author.

Céline Hoeks (2012) Sri Lankan teachers as agents of peace [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Carolien Vis (2012) Educating women entrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Nicky Buizer (2011), Ensuring Equal Educational Opportunities in Ecuador – on the relation between public policy and perceived quality of early childhood development centres [Supervisor: Margriet Poppema]

Bo-Joe Brans (2011) Analysing PPPs as a Policy Tool for Universal Secondary Education in Uganda [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Laura Grant (2010) Transnational Advocacy for EFA Case Study: National Coalition for Education India [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Jesse Strauss (2010) Decolonizng Bolivian Education: A Critital Look at the Plurinational State’s vision [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo]

Anja Eickelberg (2009) Framing, Fighting and Fraldas Pintadas: The Learnings and Teachings of the Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Joosje Hoop (2009) Transnational Advocacy for Education for All: The Philippines’ Case [Supervisor: Mario Novelli]

Hester L. Paanakker (2009) Higher Education in Iraq Under Attack [Supervisor: Mario Novelli]

Barbara van Paassen (2009) The Politics of Trade and Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Felice van der Plaat (2009) Civil Society Success in Achieving the Education for All Goals in Ghana [Supervisor: Mario Novelli]

Jonah Sarfaty (2009) Goals, Strategies and Impact of the Ecuadorian civil movement El Contrato Social por la Educación [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Cibele Cesca (2008) Internationalisation of Higher Education in Brazil [Supervisor: Antoni Verger]

Robbert van der Waerdt (2007) Unveiling Partnerships: PowerRelations in the Yemeni Education Sector [Supervisor: Mario Novelli]

Olloriak Sawade (2007) Towards a Future: Educational Certification for Refugees from Birma living in Thailand [Supervisor: Mario Novelli]

Susanne Rauh (2007) Teaching and Learning for Democracy [Supervisor: Margriet Poppema]

Maité Rago (2007) Teacher Training Programs and Quality of Education in Post-Conflict Settings [Supervisor: F. van Oosterhout & M. Chelpi]

Alan Guedes (2007) Contributions and Implications of Escola Familia Agricola in the Brazilian Countryman’s life [Supervisor: F. Zaal]