Cyril Brandt


Cyril Owen Brandt is a PhD candidate with the International Development Studies programme at the UvA, within the Education and International Development ISAcademy research group. His research is on the role of education systems in processes of state formation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is interested in the political economy of education systems and educational governance. More precisely, he looks at processes of state formation through teachers’ displacements in protracted low-intensity armed conflicts; attacks on teachers and the implications for teachers as front-line actors redrawing the borders of the state; teacher payment in remote areas; changing configurations of how people access educational resources from the national level (e.g. schools’ accreditation decrees). He explores how the state actually penetrates society via the education system, through non-state, as well as non-human actors (such as accreditation decrees and physical infrastructure).
Before working on educational issues in the DRC, he gathered experience in different areas of research (microfinance), studies (cultural sciences, business administration, political sciences) and countries (e.g. Bangladesh, Benin, Peru). He also works as a coach for Anti-Racism/Critical Whiteness trainings as member of the organization “Phoenix e.V. – For a Culture of Understanding”.



Please click here for the abstract of his PhD thesis.

Brandt, C. & Flávio Eiró (2017). “Qualitative corruption research methods”, In: Schwickerath, Anna K., Aiysha Varraich and Laura-Lee Smith (eds.): How to research corruption? Conference Proceedings. Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum, June 2016, Amsterdam. Pp. 34-43.

Brandt, C.O. (forthcoming). “Ambivalent outcomes of statebuilding: multiplication of brokers and educational expansion in the DR Congo (2004-2013)” in Review of African Political Economy .

Brandt, C.O. (2016) My long journey to researchBlog Entry for Education Development Trust

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Cyril Brandt (2014). Teachers’ Struggle for Income in The Congo (DRC): Between Education and Remuneration [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo and Sean Higgins].

Cyril Brandt (2014). Les enseignants congolais face à leurs salaries. Que peuvent-ils faire? [Supervisor: Mieke Lopes Cardozo and Sean Higgins].

Please click here for a summary of his Master’s thesis in English.