Esther Miedema

profile picDr. Esther Miedema is currently employed as researcher and lecturer at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam. Esther teaches in the BA and MA academic programme International Development Studies. In addition, she is focal point for the Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights and Education theme within the ‘IS-Academie’, a co-funded research project of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Esther is co-principal investigator of the research component of the ‘Her Choice’ project on early marriage: 

Esther completed her Masters in Educational Science at the University of Amsterdam and University of Natal, South Africa. She received her doctorate ‘Re-thinking education in a world with HIV and AIDS; A qualitative inquiry into HIV- and AIDS-related education in Mozambique’ from the Institute of Education, University of London in October 2013. Esther has extensive experience working for UNESCO (Indonesia, the Philippines and Mozambique), the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO/IBE) in Geneva, the International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO-IIEP), as well as various non-governmental organisations both within and outside the Netherlands. Her main research interests relate to:

  • the genealogy of, and interactions between, global, national and local narratives about education, young people and health within SRHR-related education;
  • assumptions underpinning notions of human rights and culture and their use in SRHR-related education; and
  • the spatial turn in social sciences and its application in research on SRHR-related education and young people in the Global South.

Key words
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights-related education, gender, educational philosophy, rights discourse in education and international development, cultural and sexual identities, citizenship and nation building.


Academic (peer reviewed) publications


E.A.J. Miedema & G. Oduro (2016). Sexuality education in Ghana and Mozambique: an examination of colonising assemblages informing school-based sexuality education initiatives. In M.L. Rasmussen & L. Allen (Eds.), Handbook of sexuality education. Palgrave.

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Doctoral thesis

Miedema, E. (2013). Re-thinking education in a world with HIV and AIDS : a qualitative inquiry into HIV- and AIDS-related education in Mozambique. PhD thesis, Institute of Education, University of London,

Conference papers

Miedema, E. (2013). Re-imagining education for modern times; a qualitative inquiry into HIV- and AIDS-related education in Maputo, Mozambique. NVTG symposium. “Sick Cities or Healthy Habitats – Facing the Healthcare Challenges of Global Urbanization”. October 2013, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Research publications

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Ancillary activities

Senior programme manager International Child Development Initiatives ( (until 01 August 2014)