Margriet Poppema

Margriet Poppema foto voor UvA

IN MEMORIAM: Margriet Poppema

Margiet Poppema (1950 – 2016) worked at the UvA as a senior lecturer in education and international development studies until her retirement in 2015. She had a long-standing experience of teaching and curriculum development related to international development issues.

Between 1990-2002 she was the academic director of international development studies programme of InDRA-UvA (Institute for Development Research Amsterdam) and the coordinator of the International Lecture Series developing different contemporary themes like: development aid, globalisation and cultural diversity, sustainable development, participatory development, forced migration and the refugee crisis, etc. Her teaching concerned different courses on education and international development and introductory courses on international development studies & development theories. She taught “Education, International Development  in Contexts of Diversity” (MA), Education and International Development (BA) & Introduction International Development Studies (BA) and gave guest lectures and supervised MA thesis on a variety of topics within this field.

Her research was focused on themes related to Education and International Development and more specifically on analyzing education reforms from a social justice perspective taking into account the dimensions of inequality, recognition and participation; multicultural/intercultural education reforms and education in (post) conflict areas; the changing governance of education and the role of the different actors, and decentralization and school-based management.  Margriet had a regional focus on Latin America.

Selected publications

Poppema, M.F. (2012). School-Based Management in Post-Conflict Central America: Undermining Civil Society and Making the Poorest Parents Pay. In A. Verger, M. Novelli & H.K. Altinyelken (Eds.), Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues and Policies (pp. 167-188). London, New York: Continuum International Publishing Group.

Poppema, M.F. (2009). Guatemala, the Peace Accords and education: a post-conflict struggle for equal opportunities, cultural recognition and participation in education. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 7(4), 383-408.

Congress presentations

Poppema, M.F. (2013) Intercultural Education Reforms in Bolivia and Guatemala: analysing the changing interaction between the state, civil society organizations and international actors. XV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), 24-28 June, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Poppema, M.F. (2012) Intra/Intercultural Educational Reforms in Guatemala & Bolivia: neoliberalisation  & counter neoliberalisation. The changing forms of governance and the participation of different actors’, in panel ‘Futures of Education and Development I: Education in Latin America’, CERES summer school 26-27 June 2012.

Poppema, M.F. (2012) “Inter- and Intracultural Reforms in Bolvia and the role of the different actors Reformas Educativas”, Interagential meeting of educational stakeholders in the Netherlands Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, 3 May.

Poppema, M.F. (2011). Aid for education in post conflict Central-America: Analysing geopolitical strategies. In UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development, The geopolitics of educational aid. Oxford, UK, 13-15 Sept.

Poppema, M.F. (2011). Aid to Education in Post-Conflict Central America: Lessons to be learned. In Education and International Development: Why research matters. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam & Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 29-30 Sept.