Marielle Le Mat

img_3742Marielle Le Mat is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam’s Child Development and Education department. Her research explores how education initiatives such as sexuality education may address gender based violence in schools in Ethiopia. Her main research interests include the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) through formal and non-formal education, critical discussions of gender and education in its broadest sense, and its relations to citizenship, social justice, and social exclusion.

Marielle holds a Research Master’s degree in Educational Sciences (University of Amsterdam). Previously, she worked as Junior Researcher/Lecturer at the International Development Studies programme of the University of Amsterdam. Most recently, she acted as Junior Researcher in a multi-country study on the social exclusion of vulnerable youth, commissioned by SOS Children’s Villages. Before that, Marielle was involved in several project partnerships, including the Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding and the IS Academy Education & International Development. She also lectured in the minor International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam.



Academic articles

  • Le Mat, M.L.J., Altinyelken, H.K., Bos, H.M.W. & Volman, M.L.L. (2018). Discussing culture and gender-based violence in comprehensive sexuality education in Ethiopia. International Journal of Educational Development.
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  • Le Mat, M.L.J. (2016). “Sexual violence is not good for our country’s development”. Students’ interpretations of sexual violence in a secondary school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Gender and Education, 28 (4). DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2015.1134768.

Research Reports

Conference papers/presentations

  • Le Mat, M.L.J., Altinyelken, H.K., Bos, H.M.W. and Volman, M.L.L. (2018). Beyond culture: understanding gender-based violence in schools in Ethiopia. Conference presentation at Comparative Education Society Europe (CESE), Nicocia, Cyprus.
  • Miedema, E.A.J., Le Mat, M.L.J., and Hague, F. (2017). What is ‘comprehensive’ about comprehensive sexuality education? A review of the literature. Comparative and International Education Society, 7 March 2017, Atlanta.
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  • Le Mat, M.L.J. (2016). (S)exclusion in the sex ed classroom: negotiating discourses about young peoples’ needs. Comparative and International Education Society, 10 March 2016, Vancouver.