Mario Novelli

Dr. Mario Novelli is Senior Lecturer in International Education and Development at the University   of Sussex in the Centre for International Education (CIE) since September 2010. Before that he worked at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Bristol, across the disciplines of Education, International development, Geography and Politics. His work explores the relationship between Globalisation, Education and International Development. Within this field he is particularly interested in three major areas: Education and Conflict, Education & Labour Movements and the Global Governance of Education and Development. Dr. Mario Novelli worked with the University of Amsterdam as the coordinator of the IS Academie from 2006-2010.


Selected publications

Verger, Antoni and Novelli, Mario, eds. (2012) Campaigning for `education for all’: histories, strategies and outcomes of transnational social movements in education. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam. ISBN 9789460918780

Verger, Antoni, Novelli, Mario and Altinyelken, Hülya K, eds. (2012) Global education policy and international development: new agendas, issues and policies. Continuum, London. ISBN 9781441169839

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