Mieke Lopes Cardozo

Short Bio

Dr Mieke Lopes Cardozo is Senior Lecturer in Education and Inclusive Development at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, and part of the Governance and Inclusive Development Research Group. Associate Fellow at the Centre for International Education at the University of Sussex. Mieke’s academic research, teaching and supervision focuses on the role of education in processes of peacebuilding, social and gender justice and inclusive development in the contexts of Sri Lanka, Aceh/Indonesia, Bolivia, Myanmar and Higher Education in the Netherlands. She co-directed the Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding (2014-2016), a partnership with UNICEF’s Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy (PBEA) programme, together with prof. Mario Novelli (University of Sussex), and prof. Alan Smith (University of Ulster). Appointed as Advisor for the Security Council mandated Progress Study on Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (2016-2018). Awarded with a 2017 Comenius Teaching Fellowship to implement an education innovation project called Critical Development and Diversity Explorations. Chair of the Comenius Network Tracé Inclusive Higher Education of the KNAW (Royal Dutch Society for Science). Mieke is committed to work from a regenerative development perspective and is training with Regenesis since 2016. She connects this work, as well as her background and work as a certified yoga teacher, into her academic research and teaching. 


Mieke has an academic background in International Relations, Conflict Studies, Latin American Studies (University of Utrecht) and International Development Studies (University of Amsterdam). She formerly worked at UNICEF in the Netherlands at the communications and education/youth department. She joined the UvA in 2007 and between 2011-2016 she coordinated the ‘IS-Academie’ co-funded research project of the University of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also supervised several PhD studies as part of the Research Consortium on Education, Social Justice and Peacebuilding in collaboration with the University of Sussex and the University of Ulster.


Mieke’s research is focused on education in relation to social justice, transformation and peacebuilding. Within this overarching theme, specific research areas of study include: formal and non-formal peacebuilding education; teacher education; teachers’ agency; female educational leadership; gender equality and justice; and youth agency/empowerment. Mieke conducted doctoral research on teachers and social change in Bolivia (2007-2011). Other research areas include the role of (non)formal peace education in Sri Lanka, peacebuilding education and female education leaders in the Islamic context of Aceh/ Indonesia and the relation between education policy, teachers roles’ and young people’s agency in Myanmar.


Mieke supervises a number of post-doc and PhD researchers and (Research) Master students in International Development Studies working on similar research topics. She also lectures in several BA and MA courses within the International Development Studies programme at the University of Amsterdam. She is involved in GLOBED, an EU Erasmus Mundus Plus-funded joint Masters on Education Policies for Global Development. She is an invited visiting scholar/lecturer at the University of Sussex (2011, 2012, 2014), LSE Institute of Education (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017), University of Malta (2014, 2017), Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (2014, 2015, 2016), University of Auckland (2013), Hogeschool Rotterdam (2010), UMSA La Paz (Bolivia, 2008, 2012), CEDLA (2011), Teachers College Columbia University (October 2016), University of Maastricht (2016), University of Groningen (2017), University of Minho, Portugal (2017), University of Oxford (2017).

Connecting a passion for research and teaching that focuses on social justice and transformation, the recently awarded Comenius Fellowship allows Mieke to implement the Critical Development and Diversity Explorations innovation project. Through a co-created course with Research Master students from the International Development Studies Programme, we work on developing critical reflective skills to 1) recognise and unlearn deeply rooted, embodied and societal structures of othering, discrimination and exclusion; and 2) explore new, more socially just and transformative ways of relating to the world as a development-scholars/practitioners, by drawing on a range of alternative pedagogies.



Elizabeth Maber – Constructing female citizenship in transition: women’s activism and education in Myanmar (completed in 2017), see UvA page and EID webpage.

Sean Higgins – The Agency of Teachers in conflict-affected Sierra Leone, see Uva page and EID webpage.

Cyril Brandt – Teachers and the state in the D.R. Congo: The ambiguity of seeking inclusion to an omnipresent but opaque state (completed in 2018), see UvA page and EID webpage.


Go directly to an overview of all publications on Aceh/Indonesia, Bolivia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


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