Sanne VanderKaaij

s631246292_1246968_6728Sanne VanderKaaij is a researcher, writer and editor based in Mumbai, India.

Currently she is finalizing her PhD thesis, on which she started working as a PhD student at the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam. She conducts her research within the context of the IS Academy Education & Development. Her research is based on extended fieldwork conducted in Mumbai and Lucknow, India and concerns privatization and desecularization of education in contemporary urban India. In her research she has a special focus on the heterogeneity of Muslim schools in urban India.

In additon to her PhD thesis, Sanne VanderKaaij is working on a series of books on architecture and urban planning in Indian cities together with two Dutch architects (Gert Jan Scholte and Pelle Poiesz). This project is co-funded by The Netherlands Architecture Fund.

She was trained as an historian at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, with a specialization in Non-Western History. Her MA thesis dealt with the former Indian Princely State of Hyderabad and its integration in the Indian Union after obtaining independence in 1947. After completing the MA in Groningen, she did an MSc course in Contemporary Asian Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In her MSc thesis she compared the Indian and Japanese history textbook controversies.

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