PPPs Seminar

Amsterdam, January the 30th 2009

Since the creation of modern education systems, the private sector has been involved in education activities. Political factors, resources available and local traditions have influenced the relevance and the role that the private sector has played in different contexts. Currently the development agenda for education is shifting from efficiency to competitiveness and access.

In this context, new arrangements between state and private actors are emerging in the education field. These Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are defined as new forms of education governance that seek to correct inefficiencies in the public delivery of education services and to mobilize new resources to make education more effective.

The seminar will contribute to providing tentative answers to questions regarding the dimensions of the policy change that PPPs trigger, the conceptual struggles around the PPPs’ proposal, and the intended effects of PPPs initiatives. These and other questions will be addressed by a group of experts from the education field representing the different actors involved, both public and private. The conceptual and theoretical contributions, as well as the reflections from the field, will illuminate key aspects of the still ambiguous proposal of PPPs in education.

The full day seminar will take place in de Doelenzaal of the University Central Library (Singel 425, Amsterdam) from 10am until 6pm.

Please find attached the programme and more information on the seminar.