Sri Lanka: Studying Education for Peacebuilding

Since 2006, the Education and International Development research group has had research engagement in Sri Lanka in the field of education for peacebuilding. In this (post-)conflict, multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-religious society, the education sector is perceived as important to promote (and achieve) social cohesion. However, this research strand aims to contribute to the wider debate on the complex role of education in situations of conflict in working from critical theory. Topics concern peace education, teacher education, teacher agency, segregation of schooling. Various thesis projects have been carried out in the context of Sri Lanka, of which some are listed below, amongst other publications.


Master Theses

Conference Papers

  • Lopes Cardozo, M.T.A and Hoeks, C. (2014) Is peace education losing ground? A critical analysis of teachers’ agency for peace education in (post-) conflict Sri Lanka, paper presented at Sri Lanka Roundtable Conference, 10 December 2014, University of Amsterdam.
  • Duncan, R. and Lopes Cardozo, M.T.A. (2014) Ethno-religious reconciliation through secondary education in post-war Sri Lanka, Conference paper, BAICE, Bath University, 9 September 2014.